King Jammy Destroys The Virus With Dub LP VP Greensleeves

Product code: VPGSRL2731

King Jammy returns to the mixing board to put the virus under heavy manners with a new set of classic dubs 21st century style!

Jammy revisits a serious selection of missiles from the golden age giving the likes of Hugh Mundell, Junior Delgado, Sugar Minott, Frankie Paul etc. the King Jammy Superpower dub treatment.


Side 1

  1.    "Lockdown Dub"

  2. "Quarrantined In Dub"

  3. "Track & Trace Dub"

  4. "Dub Fi Social Distance"

  5. "Closed Border Dub"

 Side 2.

  1. "A New Normal In Dub"

  2. "Dub On The Frontline"

  3. "Dubbing From Home"

  4. "Dub Injection"

  5. "Dub Tribute To All Hospital Workers"


Label: VP Records/Greensleeves

Release Date 18/03/2022

Format: Limited Edition Vinyl LP

(First pressings include Poster, subsequent pressings will not include poster so don't delay)

Brand VP Records / Greensleeves Records
Condition New
Product Code VPGSRL2731
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