KMD - Mr. Hood (Double Vinyl LP) Elektra/Traffic Entertainment Network MF DOOM

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KMD (Kausing Much Damage, or a positive Kause in a Much Damaged society) was a Hip Hop group in the early 90s perhaps best known for launching the career of acclaimed MC/Producer MF DOOM (known during his KMD tenure as Zev Love X). After guesting on 3rd Bass The Gas Face, the trio (Zev, brother Subroc, and Onyx) released the acclaimed and overlooked Mr. Hood full-length. Their political outlook was similar to the group Brand Nubian, who guested on Hood; however, the style was more comical and included a great deal of clips from old childrens recordings, mostly notably a sample of the Seaseme Street character Bert on the single Who Me? Cutting edge, ahead of its time production and skits from KMD and Stimulated Dummies (John Gamble and Mr. Dante Ross). Features the singles Peachfuzz, Who Me? and Nitty Gritty (feat. Brand Nubian). This is one Rap album that is not to be missed.


A1.  Mr. Hood At Piocalles Jewelry/Crackpot

A2.  Who Me? (With An Answer From Dr. Bert)

A3.  Boogie Man!

A4.  Mr. Hood Meets Onyx

A5.  Subroc's Mission

B1.  Humrush

B2.  Figure Of Speech

B3.  Bananapeel Blues

B4.  Nitty Gritty

C1.  Trial 'N Error

C2.  Hard Wit No Hoe

C3.  Mr. Hood Gets A Haircut

C4.  808 Man

C5.  Boy Who Cried Wolf

D1. Peachfuzz

D2. Preacher Porkchop

D3. Soulflexin'

D4.  Gasface Refill


Label: Elektra/Traffic Entertainment Network 

Format: Double Vinyl LP

Release Date: 2004

Brand Traffic Entertainment Group
Condition New
Product Code TEG 75504-1
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