Kode9 - Escapology (Double Vinyl LP) Hyperdub

Product code: HYPLP004
'Escapology’ - Kode9's first album since 2015's ‘Nothing’ – is the first audio document of a wider project, Astro-Darien, ongoing since last year. His most ambitious work yet as a multi-disciplinary artist, ‘Escapology’ is the soundtrack album to the sonic fiction Astro-Darien, which will be released in October on Hyperdub’s sub-label Flatlines.
The music reconfigures Astro-Darien's tense, off-world atmospheres into slices of high definition, asymmetric club rhythms, woven through thrilling sound design and vertiginous sonics. 
‘Escapology’ is just one entry point into of the Astro-Darien universe, which had begun to surface in 2021 as a two-week audiovisual installation on the main dance floor at club space Corsica Studios in South London, and as a multi-channel diffusion on the 50 speaker Acousmonium at the invitation of INA-GRM in Paris, the institution founded in 1951 by the musique concrète pioneer Pierre Schaeffer, composer Pierre Henry and the engineer Jacques Poullin


1 Trancestar North 0:55

2 The Break Up 3:57

3 Toxic Foam 2:06

4 Orbex 0:41

5 Angle Of Re-Entry 4:24

6 Freefall 1:13

7 In The Shadow Of Ben Hope 1:37

8 Sim-Darien 2:11

9 Cross The Gap 2:40

10 Uncoil 3:51

11 Astro-Darien 1:22

12 Lagrange Point 3:34

13 Docking 1:03

14 Torus 3:32

15 T-Divine


Label: Hyperdub

Format: Double Vinyl LP

Release Date: February 2023

Brand Hyperdub
Condition New
Product Code HYPLP004
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