Lee Perry - Dubstrumentals 2CD Trojan (Kung Fu Meets The Dragon, Return Of The Wax, Musical Bones)

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Three Classic 'Black Ark era' Lee Perry Albums over 2CDs!

- The Mighty Upsetter - Kung Fu Meets The Dragon

- Lee Perry & The Upsetters - The Return Of The Wax

- Vin Gordon & The Upsetters - Musical Bones

After serving his musical apprenticeship at Studio One, Lee Scratch Perry made his mark as Jamaicas most innovative and eccentric producers, issuing his musical creations on his Upsetter imprint from 1968 onward.

The opening of his own studio, Black Ark, in 1973 enabled him to push back the boundaries of reggae to previously unknown limits and for the next six years he produced some of the most exciting sounds ever to see issue on the island.

This 2 CD set draws together three ground breaking albums issued by Lee Perry in the mid 1970s.

All three collections highlighted instrumental works and were only released in the UK in limited numbers, with original copies now highly prized collectors items.

Kung-Fu Meets The Dragon, which has a strong sound track feel and features Augustus Pablo on several tracks, finds Lee Perry inspired by the Kung Fu craze then sweeping the world, Return Of The Wax is similarly inspired and Musical Bones features top hornsman, Vin Gordon delivering a series of jazz-influenced dub-reggae sides.

'All recorded at the Black Ark 1975


Disc 1: 

• The Mighty Upsetter - Kung Fu Meets The Dragon

1 Enter the Dragon

2 Theme from Hong Kong

3 Heart of the Dragon

4 Hold Them Kung Fu

5 Flames of the Dragon

6 Scorching Iron

7 Skango

8 Fungaa

9 Black Belt

10 Iron Fist

11 Kung Fu Man

12 Black Belt Jones

13 Exit the Dragon

• Lee Perry & The Upsetters - The Return Of The Wax (Part 1)

14 Last Blood

15 Deathly Hands

16 Kung Fu Warrior

17 Dragon Slayer

18 Judgement Day

Disc 2

•  Lee Perry & The Upsetters - The Return Of The Wax (Part 2)

1. One Armed Boxer

2. Big Boss

3. Fists of Vengeance

4. Samurai Swordsman

5. Final Weapon

• Vin Gordon & The Upsetters - Musical Bones

6. Coco-Macca

7. Fly Away

8. The Message

9. Licky Licky

10. Labrish

11. Quinge-up

12. Raw-Chaw

13. 5 Cardiff Crescent

14. Four of a Kind

15. Voodoo Man

• Bonus Tracks

16. Rasta Train

17. Ark of the Rising Sun


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