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Liam Gallagher - Why Me? Why Not. LP Warner Brothers

Indies Exclusive Coke Bottle Green Vinyl LP
Black Vinyl Gatefold LP
Liam Gallagher returns with his second solo album and it's a rock n roll masterpiece. Standouts include Meadow - prime Beatles-psych, done as well as Oasis ever did, while Alright Now is supreme '70s Macca (with a fantastic piano riff). Other nuggets are the Radio 2 pop of Now That I Found You and the orchestral space drama of Gone. Gallagher's voice carries everything, sounding fantastic, high and bright in the mix.

Indies Only, 140g coke bottle green coloured gatefold vinyl
Black, 140g gatefold vinyl LP on Warner Bros, Sealed & New.

Track listing
1. Shockwave
2. One of Us
3. Once
4. Now That I've found you
5. Halo
6. Why Me? Why Not.
7. Be Still
8. Alright Now
9. Meadow
10. The River
11. Gone -

Year: 2019
Format: Vinyl LP
Label: Warner Brothers