Lorna Nelson - Deh Pon De Low 7" Ralph Holness TRS

A collaborative effort released on Ralph Holness' imprint back in 1984, TRS is pleased to announce the reissue of this proto-digi gem "Deh Pon De Low". Written by one of JA's finest, unrecognised songwriting talents, Carl 'Jackie' Estick and co-produced/arranged by Errol O'Meally. To top it off and seal the deal, this cherry is sung over by songstress Lorna Nelson. In the raw and unfiltered words of O'Meally, "Jamaicans will recognise that name (Ralph Holness) as the king of so-called 'Roots' Theatre for a number of years, based at The Ward Theatre in the heart of Parade, Downtown Kingston. Ralph was a real character and after dominating the theatre business producing broad raucous comedies that appealed to the masses and made him a fortune, he decided to make a foray into the real pool of sharks, music producing. Needless to say, I doubt if any of us, apart from whichever studio we used, got any money from Ralph, for our endeavours and it has been submerged in the rest of the morass of dues-paying that any young, starving striver in the business was doomed to go through in those days. Still, the tune doesn't sound too dusty". Ralph Holness had a passion for his work. If you didn't know him, you would think he was aggressive, but it was really a desire to make a production come together in the right way. When him talk is like thunder roll. Everybody talking bout "money-money" and everybody soon get maddy-maddy. Things nowadays get slacky-slacky and some a them a run from decency. Me say Lord woy, everything deh pon de low.
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A. Lorna Nelson - Deh Pon De Low

B. Deh Pon De Low (Version)


Label: Ralph Holness/Top Ranking Sound

Year: 2021

Format: 7" Vinyl 


Label Ralph Holness TRS
Brand Ralph Holness TRS
Condition New
Weight 0.09kg