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Lovindeer - De Blinkin' Bus LP Jamaican Art

Lovindeer - De Blinkin' Bus 

Beautifully presented reissue of this 1982 Lovindeer album, with its stunning Limonious inspiring cover art.  Scoring big hits in Jamaica during the eighties and nineties with tracks such as Man Shortage, Boops and Wild Gilbert, Lovindeer's music is an update of the styles of entertainers such as Ernie Smith and Pluto Shervington. His themes, often slack, always humorous, and always pointedly colloquial on subjects familiar to the ordinary people of Jamaica.

Track Listing:
1. Power Cut
2. De Blinkin' Bus
3. Free The Marijuana
4. Grow The Ganja
5. Man Shortage
6. Me A Follow Dollar
7. Teef - Chinaman A Trouble Me Beef
8. Girls In Jeans

Label: Jamaican Art
Format: Vinyl, 12", Album, Remastered, Special Edition, Stereo
Label: Jamaican Art
Year: 2019