Majestic Studio - Reggae Box 5 x 7" Vinyl Singles with Badges stickers Sealed


Majestic Studio - Reggae Box (5x 7" Vinyl Singles)

1A Lone Ranger - “One drop come back” **

courtesy of One Drop Records

1B Eljai - “I know” **
C.Macfarlane/B.Marley - courtesy of Jah Mix Entertainment

2A Restless Mashaits - “Selassie I steps”
J.Addis/S.Addis/M.George Henry - courtesy of Addis Records

2B Junior Culture - “Falling” *
J.Vassel - courtesy of Frontyard Productions

3A Trevor Junior - “Steppin out a Babylon” *
I.Stewart/S.Minott - courtesy of Ivanhoe Stewart Productions

3B Bushman ft. CP Ink and Ras Goudie - “Gun thing” **
courtesy of Exodus Nuclear Productions

4A I Wayne feat. Mark Wonder & Fire Star “They don’t care about us”
C. Taylor/M.Thompson/F.Star/A.Senior
courtesy of Altafaan Records

4B Sammy Levi - “Trouble again”
S.Levi/P.Smart - courtesy of Philippe Smart Productions

5A The Mighty Diamonds - “Mr. Payaka man” *
courtesy of Altafaan Records

5B Everton Blender & Mark Wonder - “Ray of hope”
E.Williams/M.Thompson/A.Senior - courtesy of Altafaan Records

* previously unreleased
** previously unreleased on 7”

Belgian soundsystem pioneer Crucial P is a man who carries reggae music in heart and soul. 
With these handpicked gems, carefully selected, he offers reggae fans 35 minutes of pure Jamaican entertainment.
He comes with a selection of 10 superb tracks that we pressed on 7” vinyl format and is cut on 33 rpm for better sound and groove quality.
This special package boxset, in full cooperation with all the artists and producers, is only available in this format.
It has a limited edition of 1000 copies worldwide, to give it a collectors status. 
It comes with extensive liner notes, button Badges x 2, stickers and a coupon with big discount on our cool T-shirts from the Majestic Studio online shop.
Upcoming stars and legends joined forces to make this issue one of the best collections you can find around nowadays.
This presentation is a start for Majestic Studio, that will focus in the future on more single releases, new riddims, and unique creations. 
These productions will be out in different formats. 
We will be working with artists, producers, musicians who still believe in the power and message of reggae music, and think it’s worthwhile to do so.
The power of reggae music has beauty and a vibe for social change and awareness. 
By continuing the works of the pioneers, the next generation of singers, dj’s, musicians and artists, will proudly spread the musical message of hope and social progress all over
the globe.

Format: 5x 7" Single Boxset
Label: Majestic Studio
Year: 2011
Condition: NEW
Condition New
Weight 0.39kg