Manudigital - Step Up LP X-Ray Production

Product code: XRPLP2312
The album “Step Up” bears witness to Manudigital's evolution in recent years towards increasingly electronic and hybrid music. With a musical experience like few can boast, he navigates between genres with unique productions carried by guests from the four corners of the world. Armed with his bass, his MPC and his synthesizers, Manudigital has invited for this new album no less than 17 carefully chosen artists to take on his new creations (Alborosie, Alika, Yami Bolo, Blackout JA, Liam Bailey, Joseph Cotton, Skarra Mucci, Dynamq and more.)


1. Step Up (ft. Joseph Cotton & Bellyman)

2. Reggae Music and Love (ft. Alborosie & Yami Bolo)

3. Fi Di Youths (ft. Skarra Mucci)

4. Quieren Mas (ft. Alika & Blackout JA)

5 . Enough (ft. Liam Bailey)

6. Love on Tap (ft. Alo Wala)

7. Rasta Corner (ft. Ghetto Priest)

8. Don't Stop (ft. Afu-Ra & Ruffian Rugged)

9. Do Good ( ft. Million Stylez)

10. No Sabes Na (ft. Tracy de Sà)

11. This World is a Hell (ft. Jolly Joseph)

12. Dub and Bass (ft. Corporal Negus)

13. Piki Piki (ft. Dynamq)


Label: X-Ray Production (France)

Format: Vinyl LP

Release Date: 20th December 2023

Brand X-Ray Productions
Condition New
Product Code XRPLP2312
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