Midnight Rock's Secret Tapes (LP) Roots Records

Product code: RJMLP156
To celebrate 40 year of Midnight Rock, Jah Thomas went back into his tape archive to unearth another 10 tracks, either with original vocals or guest names brought in.
Behind original rhythms recorded at Channel 1, Tuff Gong and others, featuring the Roots Radics and The Midnight Rock Band and mixed in places like King Jammy’s and Tubby’s we are given a line-up of stellar talent. We have Lynval Thomson with the plaintive ‘I Can Be Your Man’, and forthright Super Cat on ‘Me Glad She Gone’ and first rare Luciano on ‘Good Thing Goin’ On. They are joined by Courtney Melody, Pinchers and Joesy Wales, Daville and more. Keeping the circle whole Thomas appears on two tracks including the future classic ‘Sounds A Go Dead Tonight’ with Junior Vibes.
1. Linval Thompson - I Can Be Your Man 03:27
2. Lucianno - Good Things Goin' On 04:29
3. Courtney Melody - Hey Sexy Lady 03:43
4. Gryphan - I Love To Smoke 02:17
5. Jah Thomas & Junior Vibes - Sounds A Go Dead Tonight 02:20
6. Pinchers & Jose Wale - All The Gal Them 03:36
7. Super Cat - Me Glad She Gone 03:04
8. Jah Thomas - Drunk & Staga 04:10
9. Daville - Since I Laid Eyes On You 03:48
10. Tony Curtis, Ghost & Mitch - Love Songs Are Back Again
Label: Roots Records
Format: Vinyl LP
Release Date: 19th January 2021
Brand Roots Records
Condition New
Product Code RJMLP156
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