Mungo's Hi-Fi - Past and Present (Vinyl LP) Dumbarton Rock

Product code: DUMBYLP001

Mungo’s Hi-Fi return with their exciting new vocal project Past And Present. Released on their Dumbarton Rock label, it’s the eagerly awaited vocal companion piece to 2021 dub album Antidote. Past And Present is unique for Mungo’s in being devoted to the Rub A Dub reggae style that arose in late 70s and early 80s Jamaica.


1. Mungo’s Hi-Fi x Pupajim - Past and Present 

2. Mungo’s Hi-Fi x Lady Ann - Good Lovin’

3. Mungo’s Hi-Fi x Hollie Cook - Sugarwater ft. Horseman

4. Mungo’s Hi-Fi x Kiko Bun - Riddim General

5. Mungo’s Hi-Fi x Solo Banton - We Pulsating

6. Mungo’s Hi-Fi x Prince Alla - Only Love

7. Mungo’s Hi-Fi x Johnny Clarke - Rain Keeps Falling

8. Mungo’s Hi-Fi x Shanti D & Ranking Levy - Total Disaster

9. Mungo’s Hi-Fi x Charlie P & Daddy Freddy - Control the Border

10. Mungo’s Hi-Fi - Birds of Vice


Label: Dumbarton Rock / Scotch Bonnet 

Format: Vinyl LP

Release Date: 30th June, 2023

Brand Dumbarton Rock
Condition New
Product Code DUMBYLP001
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