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No Man Is An Island - A Guide To Choice Studio One Pressings BOOK Morgan 'Moman' Nixon

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About The Book

“No Man Is An Island” is a community, project aiming to help people navigate the mind-numbing record pressing maze of the legendary Studio One label. 
This guide serves as a resource for those on a journey 
to find the best quality pressings of critical Studio 
One tracks. 
This book is the result of many years of collecting 
records, comparing fidelity and sound quality of 
pressings, and digging into Jamaican music history to 
understand the context of the sound production. 

About The Author

Morgan “Moman” Nixon has spent the past 20 years 
meticulously researching and collecting music from 
around the world. His areas of expertise include 
Jamaican Oldies, Hip Hop, Funk, Psych/Indie Rock, Soul, 
Jazz, Disco, Boogie, African, Caribbean, Salsa, and 
Cumbia. Through his work at the Library of Congress 
in Washington, DC he has also built an encyclopedic 
knowledge of American Folk, Country, R&B, and Blues. 
Moman has a passion for sharing music knowledge and 
over the past decade has published countless music zines 
and reviews. Moman currently DJs in Oakland and San 
Francisco. In 2016 he co-founded The Long Road Society, 
a record label out of Oakland. This is his first book.

High Quality Offset Printed in Berlin / 188 pages / Full Colour.
Includes over 180 entries on crucial Studio One Tracks with record label scans.

Artist: Morgan “Moman” Nixon
Release Name No Man Is An Island: 
A Guide to Choice Studio One Pressings
Category Music: Reference Book
Release Date: November 2019
Record Label: The Long Road Society
Formats of Release: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-578-49000-7
Trim: 6 x 9
First Print Run: 500
Catalog Number: LRS-006