Pachyman – The Return Of... LP ATO Records

Product code: ATO0578LPB
With The Return of Pachyman, García shows how the Caribbean flow is transnational, a vibe that resounds from Jamaica to San Juan to Southern California. “With this project, I was looking to make positive music and radiate good energy; something to kinda disconnect from the negative things that were happening at the moment,” Garcia explains. “I am trying to make this project a service for humanity in the sense that I just wanted to shine a positive light.”
Pachyman’s planet is a world between worlds, where exiled multi-instrument basement studio composers stand and deliver.  
A1. Big Energy 
A2. Champion Sound
A3. Destroy The Empire
A4. Sunset Sound
A5. Strictly Vibes
A6. Ruben Durazo
B1. Midcity Rockers
B2. Roots Train
B3. Foundation Sound
B4. Space Station
B5. Dub Fellowship
B6 El Benson
Label: ATO Records
Format: Vinyl LP
Release Date: 9th August 2021
Brand ATO Records
Condition New
Product Code ATO0578LPB
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