Pale Jay - My Dirty Desire / Dreaming In Slow Motion 7" Karma Chief Records • Ltd. Green Vinyl

Product code: KCR-129
This new 45 from Karma Chief Records showcases two tracks from Pale Jay's latest LP, Bewilderment.
The A side, My Dirty Desire is a warbling slow-disco tribute to the introvert. Pale Jay acknowledges that society rewards extroverts, but he embraces his introverted nature and the benefits of solitude.
The B side, Dreaming In Slow Motion' has silken falsetto vocals that float on top of a dusty rhythm section driven by a pulsing bass and laid-back drums. Accompanied by a catchy guitar and a grand string arrangement, Pale Jay invites the listener on a soulful trip to the early morning hours floating between dream and reality.
Pale Jay's latest opus showcases his remarkable ability to craft sonic tapestries that transport listeners to a world of profound introspection and sonic bliss. This 45 from Karma Chief Records serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the depths of Pale Jay's musical genius, leaving you craving for more. So sit back, relax, and let the ethereal melodies whisk you away on an extraordinary sonic odyssey.  


A. Pale Jay - My Dirty Desire

B. Pale Jay - Dreaming In Slow Motion


Label: Karma Chief Records

Format: Grass Green Coloured 7" Vinyl (Limited Edition)

Release Date: 12th December, 2023

Brand Karma Chief Records
Condition New
Product Code KCR-129
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