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  • Danman - Righteous Man 10" Indica Dubs

    Danman - Righteous Man 10" Indica Dubs

    Taken from the vaults! One of the most-wanted Indica Dubs releases since the original release in 2015, now back again, with a bonus! This 10” includes 2 previously unreleased dub mixes (made at the same studio session in 2014), different from the dub mix on the original 10”! The long-awaited decision to bring back this release has come about due to the popular demand by the public over the years, the original 10” vinyl had quickly sold-out in 2015 and has been hard to find ever since, only to be found at high prices.
  • Lone Ark meets The 18th Parallel - Defend 7" Fruits Records

    Lone Ark meets The 18th Parallel - Defend 7" Fruits Records

    Second single and opening song from the upcoming showcase album by Spanish singer, engineer, producer LONE ARK (Roberto Sánchez) and Switzerland finest reggae studio band THE 18TH PARALLEL, Fruits Records proudly present ‘DEFEND’. On a militant stepper riddim graced by magnificent horns, Roberto Sánchez and the Swiss band send a strong political message to the world: “The longer we fight, the stronger we get, and so we defend the rights of our brothers and sisters who cannot defend themselves.” A few weeks after ‘Get You’, here comes another sound system anthem available on black wax 7” vinyl on July 30th 2021. An essential record for this summer sound system parties! Mixed By – Roberto Sanchez Producer – Fruits Records