Prince Fatty featuring Shniece - Disco Deception LP Lovedub Limited

10 excellent reggae and dub versions of carefully selected songs. Starring Shniece.

Originally distributed in 2020 on Evergreen Recordings as a white label edition. This album now gets its first full pressing with colour sleeve, on Prince Fatty's new record label, Lovedub Limited.

Showcasing the talents of singer Shniece McMenamin, the album contains reggae reworkings of Kraftwerk's Das Model, Fever (originally recorded by Little Willie John and made more famous by Peggy Lee and others), and Funkin' for Jamaica (NY) by jazz-funk musician Tom Browne.



1. Take Me as I Am ft. Horseman

2. 90% of Me Is You

3. Love Me Right

4. Fever

5. You Got What You Wanted


1. Funkin' for Jamaica (NY)

2. Funkin' for Jamaica (NY) Dub

3. The Model ft Shniece and Horseman

4. The Model Dub

5. Dub Fever


Label: Lovedub Limited

Format: Vinyl LP

Release Date: February 2024

Brand Love Dub Limited
Condition New
Weight 0.18kg