Restless Mashaits Kingston Sessions 1992 - 2002 LP Partial

Product code: PRTLLP010
This LP was originally released on CD only in 2002 on Addis Records. Features: Errol "Flabba" Holt, Dwight Pinkney, "Deadly" Headley Bennett Noel, "Scully" Simms, "Nambo" Robinson, Dean Fraser, Bongo Herman and many more. Produced by Jil & Stuf (Restless Mashaits) Mixed by Collin "Bulby" York and more. Recorded and mixed at Mixing Lab. Leggo, Music Works and more.
Side A
1 Africa
2 Africa Dub
3 Selassie I Steps
4 Good Conquer Evil
5 Dub Conquer Evil

Side B
1 Tribal African Dub
2 Kings Of Kings
3 King Dub
4 Dubby Road
5 Herbalist
6 Faya Dub

Label: Partial Records 

Date of Release: 10/07/2021

Format: Vinyl LP

Label Partial Records
Brand Partial Records
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Product Code PRTLLP010
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