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Runaway Slave - The Return Of The Kings DVD Sizzla


Title: Runaway Slave - The Return Of The Kings

Abba Jesse Jendah's word sounds on the world financial crash from Wall Street New York, before trodding to the Abba land of Afuraska with Sizzla Dadda Kalonji, Princess Menen and Rebel T music.
While in the Abba Land Abba Jesse turned on his video camera and captured the scenes of the 21'st century, that would make the honourable Marcus Musiah Garvey move within the WHIRLWIND.
These scenes showed how the people of Gambia apresheluv (appreciate) Sizzla Dadda Kalonji for the word sounds and power from his life of music. Abba Jesse Jendah was honoured to be in the presence of Sizzla and the president of Gambia, His Excellency Yah Yah Jammeh, and how he took a stance on growing his own food to feed his nation, at a time when the so called first world is flat broke by WALL STREET financial derivatives FIASCO.

Format: Region 0 DVD

124 mins

New Sealed Mint 'Ruff Neck' label DVD 2010