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Shark Records In The Belly Of The Whale CD Suga Minott

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Sugar Minott, Heptones, Simpleton, Etc. - Shark Records In The Belly Of The Whale (CD)

Tracks -

1. Heptones & Shaka Shamba - The Book
2. Kenterious - Self Defense
3. Sugar Minott - Rub A Dub Sound
4. Simpleton - Life Of The Party
5. Angie Angel - Lovin Mommy
6. Lucan Scissors - No Explanation
7. Wendy Shaw & Johnny Ashley - Inna My Life
8. Baby Wayne - Soft Answer
9. Glen Ricks - Buby Ruby
10. Simpleton - Strength Of Money
11. Sugar Black - The Glory Of God
12. Chopper - Sensi Haf Fi Burn
13. Heptones - Book Of Rules

BACKED BY: Melbourne Miller, Santa Davis, Benbow, JohnKing, Donald Dennis, Clintus Rufus, Wayne Sharp, Everald Gayle, VinGordon, Bongo Herman

PRODUCED BY: Mark Tascher Morrison
RECORDED AT: Music Works, Anchor, Tiny Lights, Mad Dog

Year: 1994

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