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Silvanus - Talk To Jah (NEW CD)Top Quality Roots Reggae


Top Quality Roots Reggae Release from new artist 'Silvanus'.

Silvanus - Talk To Jah

(Silver Globe CD 2007)

Tracks -

1. Lyrics Non Stop
2. Goddess Of The Earth
3. Talk To Jah
4. I Can See
5. Misinformation
6. Strumming My Guitar
7. The Letter
8. Repatration
9. The Debate
10. Amharik
11. Tribulation
12. Can't Run
13. Music In My Soul
14. Unleash
15. Loving
16. Save The Earth

Original Year of Release: 2007

SEALED AND NEW 'Silver Globe' CD.

RECORDED AT: Young Lion's, Harmony Nad Bend Building Studios

VOCALS: Silvanus
BACKING VOCALS: Silvanus, Mounia Sahara And Deboreh Burrowes
BASS: Dan Beats, Anthony Deslandes, Norma D Guilbeault, Daniel Besllauriers
DRUMS: Dan Beats, Anthony Deslandes, Tim Dub
LEAD GUITAR: Bobby And Dan Beats
RHYTHM GUITAR: Dan Beats And Bobby
PIANO: Jean Sebastion Girad, Dan Beats, Anthony Deslandes
PERCUSSION: Daniel Beslauriers, Skully And Karin Dious

'Silvanus' Biography:

Silvanus; born Delroy Roberts in the Parish of St. Thomas on the Islandof Jamaica.

Growing up in Jamaica in the 1970's was a pivotal time inworld events.

As a little youth at the time it was a bit difficult toput every thing into perspective.

Reggae Music and the message of theRasta man help to simplified things for me.

With such Artists likeMighty Diamonds, Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Ras Michael andthe sons of Negus, Culture and numerous other Artists help to plant theseed of Music in me.

I would be lying in my Bed at Nights listening to the Sound Systemspumping some tough Tunes; it was very hard to sleep.

I started to visitthese Dancehalls, even before my Parent's consented.

I would belistening to all the top DJs of the time, Live! . Djs like BrigadierJerry, Hugh Brown, Ranking Trevor, Nekodemus, Lone Ranger, Johnny Ringoand others.

It was then I knew I would be one of them.

I started tocreate some Lyrics my brethren Bunny Isachaar and I. We would be inSchool singing for our friends and they loved it.I migrated to Canada in 1979 and reside in the City of Montreal. Attime the Reggae community in Montreal was very young .

Jah Cutta was oneof the few Artist in Montreal doing his thing. Instantly I see the gapand coming from Jamaica fresh, with the experience of observing thebest Entertainers at work.

Its there Silvanus was born.

At first I wascalled Silverado for while until I choose the name Silvanus which means"one who loved the Forest" I was a prevalent fixture in the Dancehallsand Stage Shows around the City of Montreal then it extended to otherparts of the Country aswel as the USA.

In 1990, I took some time off the Music seen and went back to School.

Icompleted High School and went on to StudyElectro Mechanics and Automated Systems.

This took approximately FiveYears .I completed everything and graduated.

During this time my Record Label "Silver-globe Records" was alreadyregistered .

I was in the process of producing my first CD when I put iton pause to produce "I've got a Joy" byMounia Sahara That CD have grace many Charts, it is still available inmany Record Shops around the world .

We havealso produced a track withAdmiral Tibet titled "Why should I run" still available on 7" Vinyl.Silver-globe Records also have unreleased material with Fred Locks.

"Talk to Jah" by Silvanus is our latest project .

It is a 16 tracks CDthat is giving Silvanus and Silver-globe Records some National andInternational recognition .

It is receiving regular rotation on manyRadio Stations in Canada, USA, The Philippines, Germany, Poland, Italy,Portugal, France, England and many other European Countries.

The feedback on the Streets of Montreal is overwhelming.

Reggae Connection Radio Show selected it in Belgium as Album of theMonth of May 2007. Track 6 "Strumming my Guitar" is presently 2 on theCanada Top Ten Spin.

"Talk to Jah" is getting excellent Reviews in manydifferent Languages in Spanish, French and Italian and English aswel.

So just keep listening .

"Jah Bless"