Skarra Mucci - The One Love Family LP X-Ray Production

Originally released in 2018 on Undisputed Records, "The One Love Family" is Skarra Mucci's 7th studio album. For this featuring album where one or more guests appear on each track, the artist invited a cast of choice with guests from various backgrounds such as the heavyweights of French Reggae from Dub Inc or the Jamaican stars of yesterday and today such as Ken Boothe, King Kong or Chezidek… This album is a hymn to sharing in which we find the many facets of the Dancehall President.


A1. Skarra Mucci Feat. Teacha Dee – Telephone Love

A2. Skarra Mucci Feat. Phantom IMC – True Gyalist

A3. Skarra Mucci Feat. Navigator– Warning! Warning!

A4. Skarra Mucci Feat. Echo Minott – Wicked & Wild

A5. Skarra Mucci Feat. Ken Boothe – When We Kill

A6. Skarra Mucci Feat. Keith & Tex – Gimme The Luv

B1. Skarra Mucci Feat. Dub Inc – They Want

B2. Skarra Mucci Feat. Yaniss Odua – Raggamuffin School

B3. Skarra Mucci Feat. Hawkeye – I Can"t Stand It

B4. Skarra Mucci Feat. Little Pepe – Follow Me

B5. Skarra Mucci Feat. King Kong – Old Time Guerilla

B6. Skarra Mucci Feat. Moana & The Tribe – Fire In Paradise


Label: X-Ray Production

Format: Vinyl LP

Release Date: 13th October, 2023

Brand X-Ray Productions
Condition New
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