Solo Banton - Music Addict 12" Disrupt NEW JAHTARI DUB

ESSENTIAL NEW 'Jahtari' Label 12" Vinyl E.P. 2011



After three deadly discs in our Maffi series Solo Banton is back with a vengeance and a full EP,
flinging big tunes, the mic and nunchuks alike with the ease of a Shaolin master that would even
have made Mr. Miyagi proud.

Starting the ride, "Music Addict" is setting fire to dancefloors with an almost pyromaniac delight
while still nicing up the area big time. Solo continues to spin a yarn about your friendly neighbour-
hood robbers in "Put It Back", his belt buckle slashing out just as hard as the beats. Witness an
epic martial arts battle in "Kung Fu Master", when 'Black Belt' Banton enters the dojo, riding the
knucklebuster basslines crane style and shows Jet Li how it should be done. Keeping up the
fighting spirit and finishing the trip is "One Of The Greatest", written during and about the people's
struggle for freedom in the 'Arab spring' earlier this year.

All tracks have been produced by DISRUPT, who fills in the gaps with "Arcade Addict" and "Last Blade"
to guarantee an extra-smooth overall flow of the matter.

To celebrate the 10TH 12inch on Jahtari, Ellen from MyLordSound designed an extra-breathtaking
cover in the tradition of the classic Scientist series.




1 Solo Banton - Music Addict

2. Disrupt - Arcade Addict

3. Solo Banton - Put It Back

4. Solo Banton - Kung Fu Master

5. Disrupt - Last Blade

6. Solo Banton - One Of The Greatest


Format: 12" Vinyl

Label: Jahtari

Year: 2011

Condition: New / Mint

Condition New
Weight 0.17kg