Sound Dimension - Jamaica Soul Shake Volume. 1 (Silver Vinyl) Soul Jazz Records

Product code: SJRLP127C
New One-Off Press Limited Edition Silver Coloured Double Vinyl Edition Of Soul Jazz Records Long Unavailable 'Jamaica Soul Shake' Collection Of Tracks From The Sound Dimension, Probably The Funkiest Reggae Groups To Ever To Exist On The Planet! Features Classic Tracks Recorded At Studio One.
This Is The First Ever Collection Of The Music Of The Sound Dimension - A Mixture Of Classic Tracks Alongside Super-Rare Singles Only Ever Released In Jamaica.
Alongside The Skatalites, The Sound Dimension Were Perhaps The Most Important Group In The History Of Reggae Music. That They Remain Relatively Unknown Is Explained By The Fact That They Mostly Functioned As The In-House Studio Group At Studio One Records Performing Anonymously Behind The Stars Of The Day - The Reggae Equivalent Of Motown’s Funk Brothers.


1. Heavy Beat

2. Federated Backdrop

3. Baby Face

4. Rathid


1. Bitter Blood

2. Love Land

3. Full Up

4. Upsetters Dream


1. Soul Shake

2. The Thing

3. My Heart In Rhythm

4. Man Pon Spot


1. Holy Moses

2. Doctor Sappa Too

3. Hail Don D

4. Solas


Label: Soul Jazz Records

Format: Double LP (Silver Vinyl)

Release Date: 3rd November 2023

Brand Soul Jazz Records
Condition New
Product Code SJRLP127C
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