Spirit Of '69 - The Boss Reggae Sevens Collection 8x 7" Vinyl Box Set Trojan Records

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Interest in original boss reggae music from the late sixties and early seventies has rarely been greater and in response to a public demand of comes Spirit Of 69: a deluxe 7″ singles box set comprising faithful reproductions of eight of the most sought-after 45s in the style.
Compiled and annotated by the late and much missed Michael De Koningh, the collection is presented in a strikingly designed box, with each of the discs mastered from the best available source and pressed on the highest quality vinyl.
All of the records are housed in a card sleeve that replicates those manufactured by Trojan during the original era, while the set also includes a stylish card insert, featuring eye-catching imagery and a fascinating essay on the original boss reggae sound and each of the singles.
With original copies of all eight discs in the collection now exchanging hands for three figure sums, Spirit Of 69 at last provides fans of the boss reggae sound the opportunity to possess some of the finest and rarest 45s of the era without needing to break the bank!
Disc: 1
A. Cuss Cuss - Lloyd Robinson
B. Lavender Blue - Lloyd Robinson
Disc: 2
A. Dulcemania - Drumbago & The Dynamites
B. China Man - Clancy Eccles
Disc: 3
A. Just Another Lonely Night - Derrick Harriott
B. Been So Long / You Lied to Your Daddy - Derrick Harriott
Disc: 4
A. Freedom Sound - Lloyd Charmers
B. Easy Sounds - The Jay Boys
Disc: 5
A. Ali Baba - John Holt, Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
B. I'm Your Man - John Holt
Disc: 6
A. Everybody Bawling - Vincent Gordon
B. Come Look Here (aka Girls Exposure) - The Gold Tones
Disc: 7
A. If This World Were Mine - Tyrone Evans
B. You Done Me Wrong - Tyrone Evans & The Slickers
Disc: 8
A. Apollo 11 - The Hippy Boys
B. Love Love Everyday - The Pioneers
Label: Trojan Records
Format: 8x 7" Vinyl Box set with insert
Year: 13/0/2017
Brand Trojan Records
Product Code TJBOX001
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