Sting Jamaica 2003 (2xDVD) Charly

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Since it started back in 1984, Jamaica's Sting Festival, "The Greatest One-Night Reggae Show on Earth", has established itself as the island's premier one-night reggae show. Held each year in Portmore

DVD 1 

1-1 DYCR– Delroy

1-2 DYCR– Judgement Pon A Sucka

1-3 Junior Kelly– Black Am I

1-4 Junior Kelly– Smile

1-5 Junior Kelly– When The Money Done

1-6 Junior Kelly– No Guns To Town

1-7 Gentleman– Them Gone So Far Away

1-8 Gentleman– Respect The Children

1-9 Gentleman– If Jah Nah Watch Over The City

1-10 Pinchers– Bandelero

1-11 Pinchers– Riding West

1-12 Pinchers– Hold Me

1-13 Pinchers With Junior Pinchers– Hey Girl, I Can Make You Feel Good

1-14 Pinchers– Carpenter

1-15 Pinchers– Lift It Up Again

1-16 Pinchers– Siding Pon It

1-17 Pinchers– This Is A Prayer

1-18 Pinchers– They Are Holding Us Down

1-19 Queen Paula– Gimme Money Bwoy

1-20 Queen Paula– Mad Sick Dem No Good

1-21 Queen Paula Featuring Macka Diamond– Rund Down Man

1-22 Anthony B– Good Cop

1-23 Anthony B– Bun A Bow Cat

1-24 Anthony B– Nobody Want To Plant The Corn

1-25 Anthony B– Thiefing Church Liar Pastor

1-26 Anthony B– Mr. Heartless

1-27 Anthony B– Fire Pon Rome

1-28 Anthony B– Hurt The Heart

1-29 Anthony B– Someone Loves You

1-30 Anthony B– Waan Back

1-31 Sanchez– I Lift Up My Hands Up To The Father

1-32 Sanchez– Lonely

1-33 Sanchez– That Girl

1-34 Sanchez– I Wanna

1-35 Sanchez– Everyday I Love Her A Little Bit More

1-36 Sanchez– Let Me Love You Down

1-37 Sanchez– Undeniable

1-38 Sanchez– Sorry

1-39 Sanchez– Ghetto Fabulous

1-40 Sanchez– Toot Toot Beep Beep

1-41 Sanchez– Never Dis The Man

1-42 Sanchez– Frenzy

1-43 Sanchez– If A War

1-44 Sanchez– Amazing Grace

1-45 Predator (3)– Mad Mi

1-46 Predator (3)– Serious Joke

1-47 Predator (3)– Da Gal De Head Gone

1-48 Predator (3)– Careful Who You Carry Pon Works

1-49 Kiprich– That Man

1-50 Kiprich– Don't Put A Foot Inna Mi Yard

1-51 Frisco Kid– Round Here

1-52 Frisco Kid– Gallop, Gallop

1-53 Frisco Kid– Tell Me Why Them No Want We Prosper

1-54 Frisco Kid– Juvenile Run Down Town

1-55 Assassin– Bus Gun Shot

1-56 Assassin– We Are The Roughest

1-57 Assassin– Can't Lock Off The Dance

1-58 Assassin– Full Up Ina Di Dance

1-59 Assassin– Straight

1-60 Assassin Featuring Nikki Bert*– Love Me Always

1-61 Assassin– Girl Alone We Care For

1-62 Assassin– Bad Mind

1-63 Assassin– We A Bad Form

1-64 Assassin– Girls Gone Wild

1-65 Bling Dawg– Shotta Ting

1-66 Bling Dawg– Nikki Ann

1-67 Bling Dawg– Popapanda You Name

1-68 Bling Dawg– Tweeta

1-69 Wayne Marshall– Marshall In Town

1-70 Wayne Marshall– Gimme A Light

1-71 Wayne Marshall– Why?

1-72 Elephant Man– Send On The Pussy

1-73 Elephant Man– Bad Man

1-74 Elephant Man– The Bombing

1-75 Elephant Man– Signal De Plane

1-76 Elephant Man– Crazy Hype

1-77 Elephant Man– Pon De River, Pon De Bank

1-78 Elephant Man Featuring Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz– Do Them

1-79 Elephant Man– Haters Wanna War

1-80 Elephant Man– Di Anaconda

1-81 Elephant Man– Wine Like A Gypsy

1-82 Elephant Man– We Are The World

1-83 Vybz Kartel– Sweet To Di Belly

1-84 Vybz Kartel– When Gal Want Buddy

1-85 Vybz Kartel– Sen On

1-86 Vybz Kartel– Jersey

1-87 Vybz Kartel– Real Bad Man

1-88 Ninjaman– Interrupted Performance

1-89 Beenie Man– From You Bun Batty Man

1-90 Beenie Man– Bad Man

1-91 Beenie Man– Cut And Go Through

1-92 Beenie Man– Bad Man Chi Chi

DVD 2 

2-1 No Artist– Behind The Scenes, Stoned Edit

2-2 No Artist– Behind The Scenes, Rough Edit

2-3 No Artist– The Press


3-1 DYCR– Delroy 2:00

3-2 Junior Kelly– Black Am I 3:27

3-3 Junior Kelly– Smile 2:36

3-4 Natty King– When The Money Done 1:50

3-5 Natty King– No Guns To Town 2:52

3-6 Pinchers– Medley: Bandelero/ Riding West/ Hold Me 5:04

3-7 Pinchers & Junior Pinchers– Hey Girl, I Can Make You Feel Good 2:08

3-8 Pinchers– Medley: Carpenter/ Lift It Up Again/ Siding Pon It/ This Is A Prayer/ They Are Holding Us Down 3:58

3-9 Queen Paula– Medley: Gimme Money Bwoy/ Mad Sick Dem No Good 6:20

3-10 Sanchez– Medley: I Lift My Hands Up To The Father/ Lonely/ That Girl 6:08

3-11 Sanchez– Medley: I Wanna/ Everyday I Love Her A Little Bit More/ Let Me Love You Down/ Undeniable/ Sorry 5:28

3-12 Sanchez– Medley: Never Dis The Man/ Frenzy/ If A War 3:45

3-13 Sanchez– Amazing Grace 4:18

3-14 Assassin & Nikki Bert*– Love Me Always 1:47

3-15 Assassin– Medley: Girl Alone We Care For/ Bad Mind 2:58

3-16 Bling Dawg– Medley: Shotta Ting/ Nikki Ann/ Popapanda You Name/ Tweeta 3:02

3-17 Elephant Man– Haters Wanna War 0:55

3-18 Elephant Man– Wine Like A Gypsy 1:17

3-19 Elephant Man– We Are The World 1:50

3-20 Vybz Kartel– Medley: Sweet To Di Belly/ When Gal Want Buddy/ Sen On 2:57

3-21 Vybz Kartel– Medley: Jersey/ Real Bad Man 6:13

3-22 Beenie Man– Batty Man Fi Dead 3:50

3-23 Beenie Man– Freestyle 2:35


Format: 2x DVD

Running Time: 2 hours 58 minutes

Release Date: 2006

Brand Charly
Condition New
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