Dear friends,

It is our sad duty to inform you of our family's current situation. As some of you may already be aware, earlier last year, whilst receiving treatment in hospital, our sister Maureen suffered an adverse reaction to Quinine & Gentamycin. As a result of this, Maureen was left permanently deaf and in acute renal failure. Following her eventual discharge from hospital she was left requiring regular dialysis of which it was hoped would eventually result in her then regaining adequate function of her kidneys. Sadly we were recently informed that this treatment had not proved successful, that Maureen had now been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, and that dialysis would now only be performed as a holding measure until a kidney transplant could be achieved.

We have set up this fund (Paypal Donation link at top left of website) in the hope of both maintaining awareness of Maureen’s plight and of all fund raising activities, and also as a reference and focal point for these future ventures.!/home.php