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Digitally remastered edition of this Reggae classic. In the autumn of 1969, the British Pop charts were stormed by series of hard-hitting Reggae singles, released by the recently launched Trojan Records. Among those leading this vanguard was a vocal trio that over the preceding year had enjoyed a series of major Jamaican triumphs: The Pioneers. Comprised of Sydney Crooks, Jackie Robinson and George Agard, their international breakthrough came with the equine-themed 'Long Shot Kick de Bucket' (later covered by the Specials), which reached #21 in UK Pop charts and prompted the release of the best-selling long-player, Long Shot. Spectrum.


1 Long Shot Kick De Bucket 2:50

2 Caranapo 2:08

3 Black Bud 2:04

4 Long Up Your Mouth 2:01

5 Bring Him Come 2:22

6 Mother Ritty 3:09

7 Poor Rameses 2:33

8 Samfie Man 2:59

9 Belly Gut 1:50

10 Lucky Side 1:56

11 Trouble Deh A Bush 2:19

12 Boss Festival 2:38


Label: Trojan Records

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Year: 2015

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Product Code TJCD537
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