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The Specials - The Best Of The Specials LP (Double Vinyl) Two-Tone Records


The Specials - The Best Of The Specials

Limited 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set


The Specials are one of the defining bands of the late 70’s/early 80’s along with Jerry Dammers iconic label Two Tone Records. Originally formed in 1977, as The Coventry Automatics, The Specials combined Jamaican ska and Rocksteady, mixed with the energy of punk they launched a whole Ska Revival.

They also helped fellow likeminded bands such as Madness, The Beat, The Selecter to release their first singles. The Specials released ‘Gangsters’ as their first single in the summer of ’79, quickly releasing the classic singles A Message To You Rudy, Do Nothing and Rat Race. They released their debut album ‘Specials’ in 1979, followed by ‘More Specials’ in 1980.

During this time, the band has two UK Number One singles, a live version of ‘Too Much Too Young’ from ‘The Special AKA Live EP’ and the unforgettable ‘Ghost Town’ in the summer of 1981.

Jerry Dammers continued as The Special AKA following the departure of band members in late 1981, releasing their third album ‘In The Studio’ which included the iconic single ‘Nelson Mandela’.

This 20 track compilation collects all their key singles and album tracks, along with a DVD compilation of their promo video clip. Tracks:

Disc 1 - Side A

1. Gangsters

2. A Message to You Rudy (2002 Remastered Version)

3. Nite Klub (Feat. Rico) [2002 Remastered Version]

4. Concrete Jungle (2002 Remastered Version)

5. Too Much Too Young (Live)

Disc 1 - Side B

1. Blank Expression (2002 Remastered Version)

2. Doesn't Make It Alright (2002 Remastered Version)

3. Rude Boys Outa Jail

4. Rat Race

5. Man At C&A (2002 Remastered Version)

Disc 2 - Side A

1. Do Nothing (feat. Rico with The Ice Rink String Sounds)

2. Stereotype/Stereotypes (Part 2) [Medley] (2002 Remastered Version)

3. International Jet Set (2002 Remastered Version)

4. Friday Night, Saturday Morning

5. Why? (Edit)

Disc 2 - Side B

1. Ghost Town (Extended Version)

2. What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend (2002 Remastered Version)

3. Racist Friend

4. War Crimes (The Crime Remains The Same) (Edit)

5. Nelson Mandela (2002 Remastered Version)

Label: Two-Tone Records
Year: 2019
Format: 2x Vinyl LP