The Viceroys - Maga Down | Yakka - Maga Dub 7" Poor Man's Friend Records

Product code: PMF-003

This next heavy roots reggae cut comes courtesy of The Viceroys, the legendary harmony group from the stables of the world renowned Studio 1. First recording for the venerable Mr Dodd in 1967 The Viceroys were instrumental in moving the sound from rocksteady to reggae with early hits like “Ya Ho” and “Love & Unity” . 

The A side of this weighty 45 is a revisited vocal from the early days of the group, a haunting, smokey rendition of their early hit Maga Down. Drawing musical influences from Ethiopian and Cuban music as well as its obvious early reggae basis this record sounds fresh whilst simultaneously transporting you back to the golden era with its warm nostalgic themes.
The flip side is an ethereal dub mix from the Bristol based Yakka, an almost psychedelic journey into the mixing board bringing out the best of the vintage sound pallet.
This is the third release from us at Poor Man's Friend Records, produced in the Poor Man's Friend studio and voiced in Jamaica only 300 copies were pressed of this smoked out ode to the golden era. 


A. The Viceroys - Maga Down

B. Yakka - Maga Dub


Label: Poor Man's Friend Records

Format: 7" Vinyl

Release Date: 2nd June 2023

Brand Poor Man's Friend Records
Condition New
Product Code PMF-003
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