Trombone Man: Ska's Fallen Genius (Don Drummond Comic Book) Adam Reeves & Costantinos Pissourios

Trombone Man: Ska's Fallen Genius, a serialised graphic novel about the life and times of Don Drummond.

Concept/Written by Adam Reeves

Artwork by Costantinos Pissourios

The Don Drummond Story - Trombone Man: Ska's Fallen Genius

Trombone Man: Ska's Fallen Genius is essential reading for anyone with a passion for Jamaican music and an interest in the birth of ska and reggae. For fans of Drummond's band the Skatalites especially, this comic book is a must-have collector's series. 

Beyond this, it is about the origins of a sound that has changed music forever. Every modern bass-heavy music, from hip-hop to house, from drum 'n' bass to techno, from garage to grime - it all has its origins in reggae and Jamaican soundsystem culture. And the story begins with the Skatalites and the birth of ska! For anyone interested in the genesis of bass culture and dance music, this is a crucial foundation stone. 

For comics lovers who like true life, powerfully emotional stories, this is for you. Its a tale of the exploitation and marginalisation of a genius and his descent into mental illness -  but also a story of his redemption through music and one man's determination to make his music be heard. 

• Crowdfunded in November 2022, the comic book series is an adaptation of Heather Augustyn's biography, Don Drummond: The Genius and Tragedy of the World's Greatest Trombonist (2013, McFarland).

• Issue #1 of a seven part collectible series, it is set in the 1940s and sees a young Don getting on the sreets of Kingston with life-changing consequences.  

• Scripted and published by Adam Reeves, co-author of Alpha Boys School: Cradle of Jamaican Music.and illustrated by Costantinos Pissourios (AKA Versioncos)

• 50 page edition comes with a print of the front cover plus a 2-track downloadable single on Tip-A-Top Records by the Skatanauts.  

• First press, signed and numbered by the author (out of 750). 

Concept/Written by Adam Reeves

Artwork by Costantinos Pissourios

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