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Tucker Rainbow - Push Me To War CD ARIWA

Tucker Rainbow - Push Me To War

('ARIWA' label Mint Sealed CD)

Track Listing:

1. Push Me To War
2. See The Refugeans
3. Gun Runners
4. Some A Crow
5. I Shall Seek
6. The Lion And The Wilderbeast
7. Yoke Of Apartheid
8. Agressive Wickedness
9. Reggae Sensation
10. Blood Sucker
11. Blood Sucking Dub
12. Seek The Dub
13. Push Me To Dub
14. Dub Sensation

BACKING VOCALS: Errol Scorcher, Victor Cross, Black Steel, Kofi, Lindsay
BASS: Victor Cross
DRUMS: Drumtan Ward
GUITAR: Stephen Wright
KEYBOARDS: Victor Cross
HORNS: Dean Fraser, Nambo, Chico
PERCUSSION: Drumtan Ward

PRODUCED BY: Lock & Key, Mad Professor


Year: 1994