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Tuggawar - Fi Dayz CD Roots Dancehall Jet Star 2007



-- Tuggawar - Fi Dayz --


1. Tug A War
2. Tugg Loving
3. Bad Mind People
4. More Di Merrier
5. Tugg Story
6. Teach The Youths
7. Give Thanks And Praise
8. Hold Di Faith
9. Request To Di Farmer
10. Pretty Fly For A White Guy
11. Try Me (With Sara Jane)
12. Hey Baby Don't Cry
13. I'm Not Joking
14. Fi Dayz (With Toofree)
15. The Surf
16. London Anthem (With Coco B)
17. Love Is Better Than War (With Coco B)

Year: 2007
Format: CD
Label: Jet Star