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Universe Crew - What's Inside Your Afro? CD Green Tea

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The first release by the art collective from Ohio(USA), released 1997.
A confluence of rap, electronic, reggae,rock...avant garde and a little funky too.
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Universe Crew - What's Inside Your Afro? (CD) 

Tracks -

1. Which Way To The Universe
2. Where We Come From
3. 11:11
4. What's Inside Your Afro
5. Thieves Of Time
6. Ghetto Sandwhich
7. Stranger In The Pentagon
8. Indo Stick
9. 1984-1994
10. Johnny Law
11. The Big You See
12. The Way For
13. Our Planet
14. To Launch Species
15. To The Source
16. Hurdy Gurdy Man

Year: 1997

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