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v/a - Dancehall Liberation CD Everton Blender Productio



v/a - Dancehall Liberation (CD)

Everton Blender productions on one CD.

Tracks -

1. Tony Rebel - Jah Call You
2. Louie Culture - Dem A Dis
3. Everton Blender - Kanta
4. Richie Spice - Fire
5. President Brown - Preserving Life
6. Anthony B - Give Me Some More
7. Norris Man - Future Is Ahead To Come
8. Baby Wayne - Low Me Gwaan
9. Josie Mel - Talk Talking
10. Everton Blender - Loving You
11. Papa San - Poor People Struggle
12. Jah Mason - Mr. Compromise
13. Yami Bolo - Black Liberation
14. Everton Blender - Watch It
15. Isha Blender - Bad Boys
16. Currant Man - Rasta No Bow

Year: 2000

New 'Heartbeat' Cutout CD

What's A Cutout?
When a manufacturer has too many copies of a CD in stock, theysometimes sell off the extra copies at a reduced price. These copiesare marked with a small hole or cut in the CD case, so if someone evertried to return these items the manufacturer would know that it wasoriginally sold at a reduced price. Such items are called "cutouts"because a small portion of the CD case has a "cut" in it. Of course,"cutouts" play exactly as new because the only difference is that theCD case has a small hole in it.