Vibronics - Written Word / Vibronics Dub 7" Scoops

Totally Essential Roots/Dub New Release September 2010!


1. Vibronics - Written Word
2. Vibronics - Dub

(Number 9 in the series of the Limited Edition 'Scoops' label 7"s)
As autumn approaches we see the release of the 9th 7" single this year on SCOOPS label.
September is all about 'Written Word',
the return of classic Vibronics instrumental dub to the label.
‘Written Word’ manages to combine future dub style heavy rhythmns with the classical elements of traditional roots reggae including acoustic and lead guitar, Nyah Bingi percussion (courtsesy of I-Mitri Counteraction) and perhaps most surprisingly – live vibraphone.
The result is a sublime portion of deep roots dub.

Format: 7"
Genre: Dub
Label: Scoops
Year: 2010
Condition: NEW MINT

Condition New
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