Vin Morgan - I'll Rise Again / Survivor Dub 7" Skankin' Society (Fruits)

Product code: FTR045
Second batch of releases for Fruits Records sister imprint label Skankin’ Society Records!
Vin Morgan is well known by record collectors for being the man behind Soul Defenders Band (Studio One in-house band after Sound Dimension) and most of all the writer and vocalist of Roots anthem ‘Jah Love’ (New Era, 1984). Even if the larger audience haven’t heard his name much, Vin Morgan is probably one of the greatest songwriters of Jamaica. Musical director at Studio One in the seventies, Vin knows how to combine good writing with catchy melodies to get hits. Shadow worker, he only released his first solo album in 2017. This gem album was produced by Iroko Records and Roberto Sánchez and it features killer song ‘Thanks A Lot’.
Beautifully sung by Vin’s falsetto, ‘I’ll Rise Again’ was recorded in Kingston under the musical direction of legendary bass player and producer Boris Gardiner. It also features guest drummer and longtime Studio One partner Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace. ‘I’ll Rise Again’ has a strong lyrical content that shall give hope and strength to all survivors: “I’ll rise again, in the sunshine, through the rain / I’ll rise again, patch up the bruises and ignore the pain / I’ll rise again, don’t let the system conquer me / I’ll rise again, I wanna choose my destiny”. Words, sound and power!  
A. Vin Morgan - I'll Rise Again 
B. The 18th Parallel - Survivor Dub
Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Skankin' Society
Release Date: June 3rd 2022
Brand Skankin' Society Records
Condition New
Product Code FTR045
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