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Wayne Jarrett - Nice And Easy 12" 14 Karat Digikiller

Essential !!!

More boomshots from the vaults of Mikey 'Karat' Jarrett! Straight fromthe master tapes, we bring you FOUR PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED tunes and onefamously heavy instrumental! Best known as the riddim to Scion Success'tune "Young Africans", this killer riddim was built and voiced atChannel 1 in the early 1980's, while Mikey was on a visit to Kingston.
Upon returning to NYC, "Young Africans" was released on 12" disco, butthe other three vocal cuts and a different dub version remainedunreleased until now, over 25 years later!
The reality tune "Too MuchRacket" by a young Thriller, a heavy slice of lovers in the form of"Nice and Easy" by Wayne Jarrett, and "Starvation" by Mikey Jarrett, adeejay plea to help the troubled Africans.
Each cut is followed by awicked dub version in a raw drum & bass style.
In addition tothese, there is the infamous "Resurrection" on another 12" released this month, by the late great horns manDizzy Flemming!
This killer roots instrumental was produced by MikeyJarrett and his friend Lloydie Prince in the early '80s, and saw onlylimited release in NYC as a 12" on the one-away MAN DINGO label, butbecame known as a sound system favorite in the UK.


1. Wayne Jarrett - Nice And Easy
2. Version
3. Thriller - Too Much Racket
4. Version

ALL 14 KARAT Digikiller records are manufactured in the USA using high quality virgin vinyl.

Format: 12" Vinyl

Label: 14 Karat / Digikiller
Original Year: 1984