W/Bankers Tee Shirt XXL Military Green Colour G.Corp Produced NEW MINT

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Bankers/Wankers T-Shirt


Hi To all. The latest release from the G.Corp/Overproof Soundsystem camp

is a little outside the usual box. It’s not music it’s a T-Shirt, our first one in fact.

“Yeah what ever “ another band T-Shirt I hear you cry. But you would be wrong.

This is not your normal band shirt. Since the end of 2008 we believe we have

witnessed the biggest theft in history. The banking systems have fleeced the world

to the tune of trillions. This has constantly angered us all. When 9T came up with

this design we just had to put it on a t-shirt, it expressed our feelings completely.

If you agree, join in and wear it with pride.


Size: XXL

Label: G. Corp

Condition: New Mint

Condition New
Weight 0.12kg