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Weeding Dub Humble I YT - Sound Of Reality CD Steppers


Weeding Dub, Humble I, YT, Etc. - Sound Of Reality

(NEW 'Control Tower' CD)

Essential Dub Release!

All tunes except Baby Father are dub.

Excellent steppers album!!!

Weeding Dub, Humble I, YT - Sound Of Reality


1. Sound Of Reality
2. Dub Of Reality
3. Source Of Zion
4. Source Of Dub
5. Dub Of Zion
6. Guide Me (With Humble I)
7. Guidance Part 1
8. Guidance Part 2
9. Baby Father (Weeding Dub Remix With YT)
10. Baby Father Part 2
11. Each & Everyone
12. Each & Every Dub

4 extra tracks than on vinyl version!

New Mint Sealed 'Control Tower' CD