Who Wants Some ? (Vinyl LP / CD) 17 North Parade / VP Records

Product code: VPRL4244

It's Reggae time! 24 hot shots from the Bunny Lee catalogue.

'Who Want's Some?' is a killer 'pon killer 1969-70 Boss Sounds selection sharply complied to shine the spotlight on Striker Lee's groundbreaking Agro sounds.

'Who Want's Some?' showcases the cream of Jamaica's session musicians - number one cuts from legendary horns-men Roland Alphonso, Tommy McCook, Lester Sterling etc. plus foundation DJ-deliveries from D Tony Lee, U Roy & Jeff Barnes and if you want organ shuffle these tracks have got it galore! The Specials, UB40, Paul McCartney etc. have all paid tribute to these heavy, heavy monster sounds, hard to find tracks now helpfully compiled on this beautifully packaged release featuring full sleeve notes from reggae historian Noel hawks - calling on Smooths, Sorts & Skins get up on your feet the party is about to start!


1. Last Flight To Reggae City - Tommy Mccook & Stranger Cole

2. Peoples Choice - Winston Williams

3. The Avengers - Tommy Mccook

4. It's Reggae Time - D Tony Lee & Tommy Mccook

5. Peyton Place - D Tony Lee & Roland Alphonso

6. Zapatoo The Tiger - Roland Alphonso

7. Drums Of Fu Manchu - Headley Bennett

8. One Thousand Tons Of Megaton - Roland Alphonso

9. Red Gal Ring - D Tony Lee & Roland Alphonso

10. Music House - Roland Alphonso

11. Gits Brown - Lennox Brown

12. Peanut Vendor - Tommy Mccook

13. Daydream - Bunny Lee Allstars

14. Annie Pama - Bunny Lee Allstars

*15. Dreams To Remember - The Hippy Boys

*16. Wake The Nation - U Roy & Jeff Barnes

*17. Sweet Like Candy - The Aggro Band

*18. Spoogy - Lester Sterling

*19. Reggae On Broadway - Lester Sterling

*20. Forest Gate Rock - Lester Sterling

*21. The Russiians Are Coming - Val Bennett

*22. Ivan Itler The Conqueror - Bunny Lee Allstars

*23. Tommy's Dream - Tommy Mccook

*24. Full Up - Bunny Lee Allstars

* CD only extra tracks 


Label: 17 North Parade / VP Records

Format: Vinyl LP / CD

Release Date: 27-01-2023 

Brand Greensleeves Records
Product Code VPRL4244
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