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Wordsound Best Of Wordsound Dub Below The Radar CD DUB

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Wordsound - Best Of Wordsound Dub: Below The Radar

1. Wordsound I Powa - Dungeon Of Dub
2. Dubadelic - Operation Duppy Conqueror
3. Slotek - Born God
4. Spectre - Mayday/Nightstalker
5. Roots Control - Forward Roots
6. Spectre - Revelations
7. Slotek - One
8. The Weakener - Closed Door
9. Dubadelic - High
10. Bill Laswell & Style Scott - Crooklyn Dub Syndicate
11. Scarab - Fall Of The Towers Of Convention
12. The Eye - Stolen Moments

Year: 2001
Label: Roir
Format: CD

When amanufacturer has too many copies of a CD in stock, they sometimes selloff the extra copies at a reduced price. These copies are marked with asmall hole or cut in the CD case, so if someone ever tried to returnthese items the manufacturer would know that it was originally sold ata reduced price. Such items are called "cutouts" because a smallportion of the CD case has a "cut" in it. Of course, "cutouts" playexactly as new because the only difference is that the CD case has asmall hole in it.