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Xkaliba - Baptized In The Ghetto CD Roots Reggae


Xkaliba - Baptized In The Ghetto

(Groundbreaking Records CD 2007)

Solid Roots Reggae from the Virgin Islands.


1. Baptized In The Ghetto
2. Jah Rescue Me
3. Help The Poor (With Donny Dread, Midnite)
4. Bling Bling
5. Legalize The Gerb
6. Jealousy
7. Empress Of The Earth
8. Tell The Children
9. Tell Me Bout Selassie
10. Praises Unto The Father
11. Enjoy Life
12. Babylon Lie
13. Reggae King
14. Loose A Finger

SEALED AND NEW 'Groundbreaking Records' CD 2007